If you perceive mediation as costly, struggle to get people to agree to it, or think the pandemic makes it difficult to implement, then this video will help you to find out all about how mediation can help you overcome issues relating to ASB. If you already use mediation, then this session will show you how you can get more value from it and how other organisations are using it successfully.

In this video myself and Kim Logan from ADR Mediation covered:

• A refresher covering what mediation is and its processes
• An overview of how mediation can assist when the behaviour reported does not meet the definition of ASB
• The value of mediation in neighbour disputes
• How to use mediation to nip problems in the bud and the associated short term and long term benefits
• How to overcome common objections when it comes to implementing mediation
• A case study showing how to use mediation in practice
• A discussion around everyday challenges and their solutions

ASB and Mediation Webinar

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