ASB Casework

  • Do you have a case of ASB that is particularly complex?
  • Do you have a matter that needs taking forward for enforcing action but your officers do not have experience of preparing civil witness statements?
  • Are you struggling with capacity and need some temporary support?
  • Do you use legal support to prepare witness statements and legal files, but wish to find a more cost effective alternative?

There are always times where an ASB service needs additional capacity or expertise. In addition, ensuring that your legal cases are as strong as possible will lead to lower legal costs and the best possible court orders.

Janine has vast experience in managing cases of ASB, as well as preparing witness statements and draft orders. Her law degree and post graduate certificate in law give her a strong legal foundation, complemented by her years managing cases and offering case advice.

Janine will work with you to understand your needs and offer a cost effective solution.